Our Goals:

  • We aim to do the right business with the right customer based on the correct risk assessment.
  • Being trustworthy is a value as we intend to earn the respect and trust of our clients
  • We pursue excellence through selecting the best staff available in the market.
  • We support and promote building safe neighbourhoods and the development of a safe and secure society


We Focus on:

  • Delivering reliable, strong, processed risk management that our clients can count on.
  • Understanding and keeping up to date with the South African context of safety and security and passing on this knowledge to our clients


Why Choose us:

  • Our Zero tolerance policy towards safety and security of our clients
  • We have made positive impact in areas that we operate in.


BPS Management Team:

  • BPS is actively managed by an experienced team based on a unique management philosophy of pursuing excellence, and offering a trustworthy and reliable service to ensure that our client comes first.
  • BPS executive consist of a group of experts addressing the different areas of security and safety.
  • At the helm of the management team is Charl Van Dalen – CEO with a wealth of experience in senior security and risk management positions, both locally and internationally.


Corporate culture:

  • BPS’ corporate culture is based on values of Motivation, Pride, Disciplined and Professional Personnel.
  • BPS Staff are trained to provide the best service to our clients, whatever the situation.
  • BPS is an extremely well run organisation with committed staff who are young and energetic.
  • We follow principles of good governance.


Partnerhips at BPS:

  • Security is a team effort
  • Collaboration of all stakeholders is key to a safe and secure environment.
  • Being Partners with BPS will be beneficial for your safety in an ever deteriorating security environment.


OUR Development role

  • BPS provides valuable learning experience as staff receives training and mentoring aimed at development of skills
  • Staff training is aimed at primary provision of security and safety of our clients

Making a difference:

  • When people/businesses trust us with their safety and security, then we believe we have arrived as an organisation.



  • Guarding
  • Ad-hock
  • Investigations
  • BPS-Rentals (Guardhouse and Toilets)
  • CCTV equipment/installation
  • Maintenance



  • Outsourced Services
  • Armed Response
  • CCTV off site monitoring
  • Cleaning